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Wild Trader

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Wild Trader introduces an exciting twist to a classic gift exchange game enjoyed by millions in homes, offices, schools, and wherever else people gather to enjoy the company of others and to exchange gifts, party favors, etc. It encourages a lot of entertaining and fun interactions among the players. 
Included are easy to follow Rules 3 decks of cards: Turn Cards, Trade Cards, and Block Cards. 4 blank "Host" Cards within each deck of Trade and Block cards allow the Hosts to add their own special twist to the game. 
Wild Trader is really all about the people, the true spirit of gift giving. It is appropriate especially during the Christmas season, but is also very well received year round as an icebreaker at gatherings and countless other events. 
This 1st edition is only 1,000 units. Each successive edition, although hopefully larger, will be slightly altered so that collectors can have fun, too. 
Hopefully, you will help us bring people together and spread camaraderie and fun around the world.