2020 The Game

2020 The Game

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It seems like 2020 was a rough year for everyone. Politics, COVID, natural disasters, social unrest, murder hornets... It started to feel like the world was out to get us! After all of that, you deserve a laugh! If you're looking for a game that seeks to find some humor in this crazy year, look no further.


At the start of the game, each player is randomly-assigned a position on each of three issues: Pro-Trump/Anti-Trump, Blue Lives Matter/Black Lives Matter and Masker/Anti-Masker. Throughout the game, players draw cards that affect their Morale, Health, and Money scores. Some of the cards affect players based on their positions on the issues, some cards ask players to make choices, some cards make players roll a die. Any player who reaches zero in Morale, Health, or Money is out. The last player standing wins.


It's 2020. The only question is... Can you survive? 

 2-4 Players, Ages 16+, 30 min.

*Please note: This game is nonpartisan and does not take sides on any issue.